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Cashews Roasted/Salted 1kg

Cashews which have been roasted and have had salt added.
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A popular snack food.

Medicinal Powers?

Great source of Protein, Healthy Mono-unsaturated fats, Calcium and Iron. It is also a source of minerals such as magnesium or copper.. Indeed a cashew can contains up to 29,2% of magnesium.

Fun Facts

The cashew apple is a soft fruit. It is rich in nutrients and contains five times more vitamin C than an Orange. In many South American countries, the cashew apple is more popular as a food than the cashew nuts. 

The cashew nut shell is used in the industrial world, to make drugs, insecticides plastics and antibiotics.

The seeds grow at the bottom of the fruit which is not usual considering that many species have their seeds growing inside their fruits!

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Cashews come from India or Vietnam!