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Caraway Seeds Ground 500g

Caraway seeds which have been ground into a fine powder. Caraway is similar in flavour to Anise, Dill and Fennel.
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Often used to flavour bread products, cheeses and on roast apples and fruit desserts.

Medicinal Powers?

May assist in stopping hiccups and cure indigestion.

When symptoms appear Caraway ground in hot milk may help prevent a cold.

As a poultice it assists the healing of bruises.

Fun Facts

Caraway is a member of the Apiaceae family which includes anise, fennel, dill, cumin, liquorice-root and coriander.

Caraway seeds are actually a fruit!

The Swedish name for caraways is "kummin", it is a bit confusing with the real cumin.

Caraway is used to flavour toothpastes, mouthwashes and also chewing gums, so it gives an anise or an eucalyptus savour.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Caraway Seeds come from Holland and Finland!