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Brazil Nut Kernels 1kg

Also known as Brazil Nuts. They aren't a nut but the seed of the Brazil fruit. In Brazil, they are called castanhas, or chestnuts.
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  Brazil Nut Kernels
Brazil Nut Kernels


An excellent grazing food. Often mixed with other nuts. Can be used in fudge, puddings or in desserts with fruit.

Medicinal Powers

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, a vital mineral and antioxidant that may help prevent heart disease.

They may provide protein and help to lower cholesterol and assist in weight loss. Brazil Kernels might stimulate growth, improve digestion or even aid in skin health.

It does not contain any gluten.

It is considered as a potential allergen.

Fun Facts

In Brazil, it is illegal to cut down a Brazil nut tree.

The fruit is hard and at least one person has died after being hit on the head by a falling Brazil Nut fruit. Moreover, the fruit pod can weight up to 2,5 kg.

Bolivia harvests more Brazil Nuts than Brazil! Brazil trees are mostly wild grown with only few commercial plantations in development. Native trees produce more fruit than cultivated trees, and they cannot figure out why. In general, mature trees bears up to 300 fruit pods in a season.

Brazil nut oil is also used as a lubricant in clocks, for making artists' paints, and in the cosmetics industry or in some traditional medicinal applications.

The species is under threat due to over harvesting the nuts.

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