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Culpepers' recipes.

The following recipe was submitted by the winner on our recent 2014 Culpepers' WA Apprentice Chef Competition.
Boon-Pin Law - Crown Casino
Serves 1
This dish was created as my twist on the favorite surf n turf. Traditionally squid is not an accompaniment to lamb but the flavor of the sauce and spices together have put these odd fellows together. Lamb is best served medium rare but if you have to have you lamb completely cooked I suggest drizzling some sauce on the actual lamb to serve to give it some moisture.
Warning: The combination of the spices does give this dish a bit of a kick, I suggest when using a pinch, that you use a very small pinch. Adjust to your own individual taste desires. ENJOY!
Lamb Mashed Potatoes
1 x 4 point lamb rack 2 x Royal Blue Potatoes
1/4 tsp Culpepers Hot Chilli Ground 2 stick lemon Grass
Small pinch Culpepers Garlic Granules 10 grams Parmesan Cheese
Small pinch Culpepers Smoked Paprika 10 grams fresh chives (Chopped)
Small pinch Culpepers Ground Cumin 10-15 mls Olive Oil
Small pinch Culpepers Ground Oregano
Small pinch Culpepers Black Cracked Pepper
Small pinch Culpepers Sea Salt Flakes Roasted Pepper Sauce
5ml Lemon Juice 1 x Red Pepper
20mls Red Wine
Salt and pepper
Baby Squid Tube
1 x baby squid tube
Season with Salt and pepper and a splash of lemon juice
1 x skewer longer than the tube
Coriander Oil Vegetables
40grms Fresh Coriander 2 x Asparagus tips
300ml Grape Seed Oil 1/4 tsp butter
½ lime (Zest) Salt and pepper to season
Salt and pepper to season (if required)
Method (including cooking times)
Trim lamb rack, remove silver skin and fat (do not remove any bones)
Add all the ingredients listed in Lamb section and marinade for up to 20 minutes (overnight preferred)
Pre heat oven to 170 degrees (Celsius)
Boil potatoes with skin on with a pinch of salt
Trim lemongrass to just use the end approximately ¾ of the stick, bash lightly with the butt of a knife to release the flavour, steam for 10 minutes, blitz in a mini blender for 2-3 minutes with olive oil then strain thoroughly
Remove head and impurities from squid leaving on the tube
Mash potato add lemongrass, parmesan, fresh coriander, salt and pepper
Insert skewer through the open end of the squid and push through the squid to the other side, leave skewer in place and pipe in mash potato till full
Sear rack on a hot pan with a little olive oil, then place in the middle rack of the oven and cook for about 12 minutes depending on the size of the rack and how well you want the meat cooked. Allow rack to rest on a wire rack for approximately half the cooking time
Roast pepper over stove til skin is black. If you do not have gas stove then chop the pepper into lengths about 7cm x 15cm and fry over a very hot pan till skin is soft and removable.
Using the same pan used to seal the meat deglaze the pan with red wine. Then blitz pepper in blender adding juice from pan till sauce is thick enough in blender. Season as required
Steam asparagus for a few minutes only.
Pan fry the squid till lightly golden colour, do not over cook
Once lamb is rested remove 3 bones leaving one for presentation, slice 3-4 slices for presentation.
Plate up as desired, use ¼ of coriander oil to pepper sauce.
Other vegetables that can accompany can be squash, mushroom and carrots 

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